Project overview

Platform: PC

Role: Level Designer


  • Research Unreal Tournament

  • Sketched and design the level layout

  • Build the level in Unreal Editor

  • Organize play-testing sessions, gather data (kill count base on weapon/zone, etc) for map balancing and iterations.

Research Unreal Tournament

Learn the game's metric (movement speed, jump heights, weapons damage, ...) by playing around with the gym level and go through online documentation.

Understand the game meta (speed and accuracy, map knowledge, aim and shoot) and each weapon's strength and weakness.

These will give me a good reference on where to place the weapons and what are the appropriate dimensions for each gameplay spaces

The research documents and an overview of my gym level

Sketch level layout

Node map

Is the first step before going into detail sketch of the level. I used this map to draw out the flow of the level and plan out how each area can be connected together

Sketch the level

Base on the node map and the gathered references for the level (malls and shopping center), sketches were made to use as reference later when I start building the map in the editor

Build and iterate the level

Build the level base on the sketches, node map and gathering reference images for inspiration for the level's aesthetic (a shopping mall)

Host local playtesting session with real players to gather feedback and data (Where did the players got stuck? Which area on the map doesn't feel good to navigate? Are the weapons balanced on the map?...) And use them as point of reference for future iterations

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