Technical Designer

Audio engineer

Unreal Engine 4/FMOD - PC

Level designer

Audio Designer

Unreal engine 4/FMOD - PC

Audio Designer

Unreal Engine 4 - PC

Featured in dreamhack atlanta 2018 student game showcase

Level designer

Unreal engine 4 - PC

Level Designer/world designer

Unreal engine 4 - PC


Hello there, you can call me Son

Game designer with an interested in audio

Growing up with many creative and artist influences together with my great love toward (video) games, I have decided to pursue a career in game development. 


I wanted to contribute my knowledge and experiences in audio, level, and gameplay design within a multi-disciplinary team, working together to make ambitious ideas a reality. 


I am currently doing a Bachelor on Game Architecture and Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, and I am looking for an internship as a game designer at your studio


Hello there, you can call me Son

Game designer, experiences in audio, level and gameplay design. 

Contributed in the development of many projects within a multi-disciplinary team under various role. 

Currently doing a Bachelor on Game Architecture and Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences (Former NHTV) 

Software & Tools
  • Audio Design 

  • Level Design

  • Scrum

  • Version control

  • Documentation

  • Excel

  • Presentation/Pitching

  • Graphic Design (Basic)

  • Video Editing 

  • English (Professional Proficiency

  • Vietnamese (Native)



Social media

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