The adventure of captain starshot

Project overview

Platform: PC

Role: Technical Designer, Audio Engineer

Project duration: 1 year

Team size: 21 Developer (not include outsourcing)

Engine and tool: Unreal Engine 4, FMOD, REAPER 


  • Collaborate with other developers in the conceptualization of the space combat. 

  • Prototype and implement features such as:

    • Laser weapon for space combat ​

    • Random space events

    • Enemy spaceship movement

  • Assisting artists in implementing art assets into the game

  • Audio implementation (SFX, Dynamic Music, Mixing,...)


  • The project won best overall game and best design of year 3 at our university

  • Personal reward: Gained a better understanding of UE4 blueprinting, improved my programming mindset (3D math, programming logic,...) and most important of all, more and more interested in tech design.

Space stations/random space events

Prototype and implement:

  • Space station random spawn system 

  • Space events (Heal, Reward, Play dialogue)

  • Write and implement space dialogue lines into the UI.

The space stations initially can randomly pick between heal player or reward player with spending currency but since we do not have enough time to balance the combat and economy/store system. The feature was cut down to just randomly play dialogue transmission - which help us reinforce the game narrative.

Laser shooting system

Prototype and implement the laser shooting system. Which was the main and only combat ability the player has on space during the early access.

For our final release, we have replaced the laser with a projectile-base shooting mechanic.

Communicate with outsource team

  • The team collaborate with Well Cooked Audio to create most of the game's audio (SFX and background music) 

  • Set up collaborative work space so we can share the FMOD Studio source files with WellCookAudio using GitHub.

  • Communicate with them on a weekly basis on what we need for the audio and work on the implementation of all the audio assets they've created.

  • Working remotely from each other, never had a face to face conversation.

Implement dynamic music

Set up and implement the dynamic music system in FMOD studio and communicate with the programmer to implement the music in the game.

All the soundtracks are provided to us by Well Cooked Audio

Dynamic music setup in FMOD Studio

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